Kyosho Graupner Toyota Hilux Body with decals

TOYOTA HILUX Repro Body Kit for Kyosho Landjump and Circuit 20 Series

Kyosho Number is CB133

Graupner Number is 4984/80

Many of you may already know that Kyosho have offered a Toyota HILUX version of the Landjump and Circuit 20 buggy. It also an optional body for (Fairlady, Lancia Stratos, Baja California, Baja Body, Rowdy Baja, and Racing Baja).

the Hilux body approximate dimensions are:

Width: 26 cm

wheelbase: 32 cm

length: 53 cm
It Comes with Landjump 4D decal,
or you can have it with the original box art white stribes decal (add $10)
Body Mounts for Landjump series and Circuit 20 Series are also listed in my store.
  • Condition: New

Kyosho Graupner Toyota Hilux Body with decals

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