Kyosho Repro Tire OT66 Turbo Optima Ultima lazer

(Sold In Pairs)

Kyosho repro tires for All Optima, Ultima and LAZER series off-road Buggies

The same as Kyosho part No. OT66 and mounts on the original wheels !

These great tires with original knobs are unique they are super rare and many vintage buggies are starving for them !! they are here now !

Your buggy will be a real beauty with them.

slight alteration was made to the side wall letters for copy write issues which will not prevent you from achieving the desired box art look. the word BRIDGESTONE is there ! and written as follows BRIOCESTONE. when doing the white marking of the side wall the O can be done as D easily the C needs little or no change since the original OT66 have the G as C but if you are picky then also the C can be done as G even easier :) I did try it myself and the result is perfect as you can see in the pictures. also the tiny kyosho logo was removed.

京商 タイヤ

  • Condition: New

Kyosho Repro Tire OT66 Turbo Optima Ultima lazer

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