Kyosho Presto Body + Decals KC34 KC39

Here is a complete package for your Presto or Vanning

the package Includes:

1- Repro clear un cut lexan Body KC34 (Graupner Best Nr. 492752).

2- Repro Presto / Vanning decal sheet KC39 (Graupner Best Nr. 4927/39)

You might need mounting parts if you're planning to use this body on your Vanning, the parts you'll need are:


A- KC-21 Joint Collar to replace Vanning shorter ones.


B- KC-36 Body Hook

I made a few sets of them for $12.5 each (both for $25) (see them in one of the photos)

Please let me know if you need them after making your body purchase.

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Kyosho Presto Body + Decals KC34 KC39

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